Our consulting services aim at working with you to address promptly and efficiently your product development challenges.

Hire us as expert advisor, in the context of very focused interventions: advisory board, due diligence, medical needs assessment, product positioning, strategy assessment and validation, project rescue.

Hire us for the long run. We will supplement and empower your resources.

If your business model is on the virtual side or if you want to limit company size, hire us as a virtual Medical Affairs Department, allowing you and your staff to focus on your core business while having access to expert medical and regulatory support.

If you feel that your company could improve but needs a little independent help, hire us as mentors. Mentoring allows us to bring your teams an external view on their practices, independent of internal politics, in a neutral and positive approach. Based on an initial gap analysis, we taylor, in a collaborative process, performance improvement plans squarely aligned with core corporate goals, including quality, efficiency and product success. We follow through with ongoing mentoring of teams and key individuals, bringing these plans to live along the least disruptive path.

In any case, we will bring your company the knowledge, the critical thinking, the perspective and the expertise we have gained over many years, working with many companies, big and small, on a wide variety of projects. We will give you a clear timelines and budgets, full transparency, and quality deliverables.

Think Strategy. Think Results.