Our vision is for Anabase to provide the best resources, experience and expertise to companies of any size for their products to succeed in the market place by addressing the medical needs of patients and physicians around the world.

Anabase aims at guiding the strategic development of new drugs, new devices and new indications. With our clients, we develop plans, monitor their execution and adapt them to fit the most efficient path to FDA approval. Furthermore, we aim at supporting stellar product launch into the global market place, and at fostering rapid adoption by physicians and their patients.

We apply an agile philosophy at each step, from defining the Target Product Profile, to building the Clinical Development and Lifecycle Plan, the corresponding study protocols, and leading their execution. All along, on an ongoing basis, we assess and manage medical and business risk within regulatory compliance. This agile approach incorporates, when appropriate, adaptive design protocols, and is indispensible to their operational implementation. Our approach minimizes time to launch while mitigating risks. It also optimizes product adoption by maximizing the scientific quality of the data and their relevance to the medical community.

Anabase helps clients at every step along the way to success. From designing efficient regulatory and agile clinical development plans, to implementing successful clinical trials, and overseeing the submission process and approval, we ensure a successful product launch, and swift gain in market share. Anabase provides you with access to the same expertise and resources in product development that have contributed to several landmark successes, medically and business-wise. To this end, we use advanced technologies, concepts and processes developed to fit today's approaches to medical treatment and business constraints

The track record of Anabase speaks for itself. Fortune 100 firms, medium size and start-ups from the US, Western Europe, and Asia, trust Anabase, a company with global reach and experience, to enhance their most complex projects.